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Culture Shock

Culture shock is defined as a personal disorientation due to experiencing an unfamiliar way of life. The impact of moving to a foreign country is often underestimated. In many cases it leads to stress at various levels - even if the decision of moving – in this case to Germany - was made volontarily.

A common scenario is the following: One out of the two from a couple gets a promising job offer. The decision is taken to leave home and move to Germany. The partner stays home and their job is to organize family life and run the “back office”. This leads to the situation, that one has to proof himself at the new job and often does lots of extra hours. As a result the other one feels left alone and experiences social isolation.

Another popular scenario is following the loved one to their home country. Furthermore, these binational couples can experience a milder form of culture shock when they realize they not only speak different mother tongues but also differ in ways to communicate in general.

At this point I offer assistance so things can become smoother again. Are you worried about the language barrier in counselling? We can talk in German or English or a mix of both.

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