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Counselling Sexual Issues • Sexual Therapy

Sexuality is a special issue

Over the years, as I have collected experience working in the field of sex education with children and teenagers and sexual therapy with adults, it’s clear again and again that the issue of sexuality is a very special one. Being ashamed and embarrassed, feeling insecure and wrong ideas often stand contrary to the perfect sexual world presented in mass media. And with it comes a widespread silence.

Speechlessness is of course also found with psychologists and therapists. Offering Sexual Therapy therefore requires a specific education.

Why Sexual Therapy after all?

If the sex life of a couple stays frustrating for even just one of the partners, it will affect the quality and the satisfaction of the relationship in a negative way.

Who usually looks for help?

Younger and older people, men and women, alone or as a couple. Many people suffer for a very long time until they dare to search for help – only to realise "It isn´t as bad as I expected" and "It is a relief to finally open up". So please: Be confident!

What are common topics in Sexual Therapy?

Women report pain while being penetrated or on the fact not being able to have intercourse at all (dyspareunia and vaginismus).

Men report erectile dysfunctions or rapid ejaculation.

Women and men alike report loss of sexual desire and problems reaching orgasm.


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