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Relationship Counselling • Marital Therapy

What kind of couples usually seek help?

Almost every couple at some point faces problems which seem not to be solvable. This is the case whether ...

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Which topics are typical for a relationship counselling?

Each couple is unique and each relationship has its own obstacles. However, some topics are quite common.

I offer assistance if you constantly think

Is there a best point in time to start therapy?

Many couples believe "We will make it on our own" or "It hasn´t gotten that bad so far"

"At least 40% of the couples who separate or divorce could have stayed together if they went to professional counselling at the right time." is the opinion of Mr. Martin Korschorke, a well known therapist, after treating couples for more than 30 years.

Therefore, my appeal to you is to look for professional help sooner rather than later! This is similar to the dentist's office. The less the tooth is damaged, the bigger the chance to save it, the shorter the treatment and, of course, the lesser the cost.

Relationship counselling without my partner – is this possible?

The ideal scenario of a relationship counselling is to come as a couple. Some partners refuse to do that. Or maybe you wish to get a clearer idea by yourself at first.

In any case, the most important thing is that you begin at all – alone or as a couple. Sometimes the partner will join the sessions at a later point.

Divorce Counselling for couples – if you realize: its too late for us

Sometimes it becomes clear that you don´t want to continue the relationship. I also offer to work with you in this situation. This is especially helpful if children are involved. Even though you separate as lovers, you will always stay parents.


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